Monday, June 20, 2011

Digging Out

I've been struggling to find time to write, game, run the Humanspace PbPs, post, or comment on blogs lately.  This unfortunate situation has arisen out of a period of overwork at the day job (that's me excavating in the cellar of a 19th century house that served as a Union cavalry HQ and field hospital), several annoying annoyances on the homefront (like broken AC during a streak of 100 degree days), and a new addition to the family (a really cute but bloodthirsty killer kitten!).

Hopefully things will calm down soon and allow for a return to more weird science fantasy fun.  I'm still aiming for a release of the first Humanspace book this summer and the Space Monster and Campaign books by the end of the year.  Other projects are in the pipeline as well.

Sorry, especially to the PbP crowd for my lack of alacrity.


  1. Take your time & keep moving forward. Believe me I understand what your going through. I come from a slightly different direction & you need to let things take a natural course. When the right time comes then these projects will come together Drune. Your going for quality not speed here. Take your time man. That's a hell of a lot to balance.

  2. Damn! Are you really THAT blond?!
    I'm jealous.

    BTW, I know it's an apologizing post, but having read "summer release" I'm all excited about so you really shouldn't feel sorry :D

  3. I agree with Needles -- take your time. From my part, I'm happy at the leisurely and thoughtful pace at which our pbem is working.

  4. No way don't listen to those slackers, get back to work. Now.

    Welcome back all the same. Speaking of slacking I am lost and behind in the PbP myself.

    Sorry about the AC, I feel your pain, ours went out last Wednesday (high in San Antonio a painful 105) and didn't get fixed until Friday. Hard to write with your brain a-bakin'

  5. What a fantastic looking thing ur doing here... I've just sort of stumbled here from looking at tekumel stuff wishing I had a group to play with.. This is amazing, the presentation, the artwork, the bits I've read, even the choice of font... This is really vibrant stuff!

  6. Humanspace empires.

    Was under the mis impression that you were working on a campaign setting but, having just downloaded playtest rules I’m really, really pleased/excited with this idea. I think its even better than EPT because of the much wider scope allowed.

    Some comments on the classes. I think you got it right in having 4 archetypical classes that cover everything, but I see some issues:

    Adventurer –
    Should NOT be allowed any psychic ability; and conversely, should be allowed any skill level in other areas. This is going to be a very typical class type featuring a wide range of characters. As in real life, they should not be limited in how far they can progress in non psy, or non warrior areas of expertise. Anyone with PSY ability is (or should be) automatically either a magic user er, scientist, or they can join one of the mystic navigator/astronaut churches, er guilds.

    There is no reason a person could not be an advanced geneticist or engineer or what have you and have no PSY ability. In fact I would assume most members of the scientific an academic community to have no psy ability.

    Astronaught (cleric) – should be described as members of a guild or better, of competing guilds (churches whatever) where they receive their navigational and Psy training like in Dune or as the “pilgrims” in Wing Commander, and to some extent, the Jedi. Otherwise looks good so far. Pilgrims, if you are not familiar:

    Scientist – please, please consider renaming – maybe Psytechs? Scientist does not work because it will be very confusing to talk about “regular” scientists, engineers and such, without getting them confused with the psy powered “magic user" type that make up the class.

  7. Okay, next thing that strikes me is dice. EPT is percentile based. so why the switch? It will require converting EPT material. I'd like to see a post regarding your design criterion. I'm not objecting to the dice choice necessarily, but I am wondering the reason. Are you aiming for compatibility with something? Seems like greyhawk OD&D or AD&D.

  8. Ah, nevermind that. Just found you "Synthetic 75" post. Drune, are you aware of Dragons at Dawn? I'd be happy to hook you up with a pdf if you don't have one. I think there is a great deal on the Blackmoor boards you would find of interest too in terms of the Arneson/Barker context under which the EPT rules were birthed. AIF also, may be of particular use to you in developing your variant skill system.

  9. Ahoy, ser. Any updates if the book is going to be published? Thanks!

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