Friday, April 1, 2011


Nevermind the Silver Suits or the black ships coming over the pole. The secret but ferocious-looking yet mildly friendly SHEN BLOG is alive.  It's the latest affront to public sanity spawned from within that nexus point of weirdness administered by those provocateurs of the Old Surrealist Revolution that are heretofore irresponsible for Zalchis, Old School Heretic, Riskail, Netherweks, ad infinitum. Just don't tell that guy over at Hill Cantons. He has no sense of humor.

The SHEN at SHEN BLOG seem to be engaged in various anti-humanistic activities, MONKEYSPACE EMPIRES, for example:

Stupid monkeys completely misled by Shen Telepaths from Bureau of Business Accomodation and Annexations. Also most monkeys like to think that Shen no have psychic powers because most egg groups encountered on backwater worlds are warrior-shen, not thinkerer-shen. No let them out much-often. They make messes. Kind of messes that make Empress send out much-many hoo-biggy-huge starfortresses and largerer ships to smack things around until it all okay for Shen again.

I never did trust those reptilians...

1 comment:

  1. "Just don't tell that guy over at Hill Cantons. He has no sense of humor."

    So true. I am confused why people are complimenting on my joke yesterday.


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