Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sub-Space Interference or the Humanspace Skype Playtest

As some of you may recall, ckutalik of Hill Cantons ran the first known playtest of Humanspace Empires via Skype on March 18. He mentioned that a playtest report is in the works.

I played Nómek Kan, a human Martian 2nd level Adventurer, scoundrel and xeno-archaeologist. 

The other playtesters were:

Dan Scale of far Melbourne played Stinky the Ahoggya Warrior. He seemed much more clear headed than most of the other playtesters, perhaps because it was mid-day down under and late night for every one else.

Brian Murphy of Tentacled Monkey in Exile and Brad played, I believe a human Warrior and a Shen but didn't post their character sheets.

I'll leave some details for the referee's report but the game was beset by some pretty serious Skype problems and got underway about an hour and a half late. We fought our way past a few ill tempered cargo-bots, metallo-tentacled wall traps, and a golden robot with chainsaw arms to destroy the rogue asteroid and save the imperiled planet. Despite the sub-space interference I had a good time. I think the rules held up pretty well and I fielded some rules questions and spotted a few things that I want to clarify or change in the final books (or next playtest draft revision?).

I really enjoyed chatting with the few brave souls willing to fly this new game and hope a good time was had by all. I'd like to thank everyone that played. Post a comment here or email me at thedrune at gmaildotcom with your name as you would like it to appear as a playtester in the book's credits. Same goes for any other playtesters in the multiverse that I may not even know about.


  1. The playtest recap is done, I'm just waiting till tomorrow to milk out the daily posting (and so I can get back to task on the Domain Game tomorrow instead).

    "As I recall, Austrodavicus of Tasmania, scribe of There's Dungeons Down Under played Stinky the Ahoggya Warrior. Correct me if I'm wrong."

    Sorry in this case it would be my friend Dan Scale from Melbourne. His connection in all other games is without fail crystal clear. (What I would give for that.)

  2. Thanks...I've edited the post to properly credit the correct Australian...

  3. I have to admit I had a lot of fun! I wouldn't mind getting the updated rules from you at some point, or maybe alter them to fill in some gaps we found during play. But overall, the game held up well, and I had some good fun.


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