Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kingdom of Ignorance: A Hex-Less Crawl for DOOMQUEST (Part III)

Gazetteer of Ignorance
 Continued from Part I and Part II.

The Shan Shan Mountains are a range of magnificent, nearly impassable peaks, lying between the Wastes to the west and Kralorela and Chern Durel in the east. The Kingdom of Splendor maintains impregnable iron forts in the mountain passes to guard against incursions by Pentan raiders and chaos fiends. The higher peaks remain snow covered year round and icy winds blow through the mountain valleys.

Encounters in the Shan Shan (d20)
1-2 1d4 cliff toads
3-4 1d4 snow leopards
4-5 1d4 yaks
6 2d6 mounted Pentan raiders
7 2d6 Kralorelan soldiers on patrol
8 -9 1d4 cave trolls
10-11 2d6 feral broos
12-13 1d6 hsunchen (roll d6: 1-day bat or night bat, 2-spurred deer, 3-cloud leopard, 4-eagle, 5-wild pig, 6-combed sheep)
14 1d4 nupiter piffkin
15 1d6 wind children
16 1d4 spectres
17 1d4 Huan To
18-20 Roll on the Special Encounters in the Shan Shan Table

Special Encounters in the Shan Shan (d20)
1-2 1d8 spectres
3-4 1d3 yeti
5-6 1d4 nandis
7-8 1d6 cave trolls
9 1d6 hopping vampires
10 Huan To village
11 Caravan of Lunar traders
12 3d6 Black Sun cultists and 1d4 Priests or Priestesses at Hidden Shrine
13 Lofty tower of a mad mystic
14 Pentan raider camp with 6d6 Pentan warriors
15 1d6 Wind children warrior monks
16 1d8 dragonewts
17 Iron fort with 6d20 Kralorelan soldiers, 3d6 rocketeers and 1d4 Mandarins
18 1 dream dragon
19 the Dong with a Luminous Nose
20 the ghost of Sunstorm’s third eye

Shchyphth is the holy city and provincial capital of Chern Durel. Despite its size and relatively great population many of the city’s streets are deserted. The streets of Shchyphth are actually thronged with specters, many of which are invisible. Most buildings are cut from massive blocks of stone, have few doors or windows and are covered by vines and trees growing from the rooftops. The greatest architectural works in the city are the inverted open step pyramids excavated deep into the ground. These include the Temple of the Black Sun, the Temple of the Earth Eater, the water-filled Temple of the Secret Waters, the Temple of the Shadow Cancer, and the Temple of the Star Permutator. The latter pyramid houses a massive underground observatory at its base where intricate astrological machinery is lubricated with blood. Bizarre rituals, sacrifices and bloodydeath games are held within the other pyramids and often spill over into the city streets. City politics are complex, though crude and brutal. Alliances and feuds amongst the cults are common and ever changing and each maintains well armed contingents of temple guards. The Kralorelan troops tend to remain within the Zone of Bliss, a heavily fortified complex that houses the palace of the Exarch Can Shu, usually found within the southwestern quadrant of the city.

Numerous dirty and overpriced brothels, inns, shops and markets may be found in the city. Availability of goods is uneven; however owls, carts, rice, cranberry tarts, hives of silvery bees, pigs, green Jack-daws, monkeys and bottles of Ring-Bo-Ree are usually available. Ignorant sages, apothecaries, physicks and other such specialists may be found here.

Encounters in Shchyphth City (d20)
1 The streets are more deserted than usual
2-3 1d8 spectres
4-5 2d6 Ignorant city folk
6-7 1d8 Ignorant thieves
8 Ignorant merchant caravan
9-10 2d6 trollkin
111d6 stingworms
12 1d6 giant ticks
13 1d6 giant rats
14 1d6 trolls
15 -16 1d8 cultists (Roll d6 1-2 Black Sun, 3-Earth Eater, 4-Secret Waters, 5-Shadow Cancer, 6-Star Permutator)
17 2d6 cultists (see above) and 1d2 Priest or Priestess
18 3d6 Kralorelan soldiers (25% accompanied by a Mandarin)
19 -20 Roll on the Special Encounters in Shchyphth Table

Special Encounters in Shchyphth City (d20)
1-3 3d6 spectres
4 1d4 nupiter pipkins
5 1d4 Kralorelan mystics
6 2d6 Dark trolls
7 1d2 Black Sun false healers
81d6 black lotus pushers
9 1-2 city spirits
101d8 dragonewts
11 Lunar trading caravan
12 1d4 Wind Children warrior monks
13-14 2d6 Temple guards (Roll d6 1-2 Black Sun, 3-Earth Eater, 4-Secret Waters, 5-Shadow Cancer, 6-Star Permutator) and 1d2 Priest or Priestess
15 -16 3d6 cultists (Roll d6 1-2 Black Sun, 3-Earth Eater, 4-Secret Waters, 5-Shadow Cancer, 6-Star Permutator) desperate for human sacrifices
17 5d6 cultists (see above) and 1d4 Priest or Priestess conducting a rite
18 5d6 Kralorelan soldiers (50% accompanied by a Mandarin) collecting taxes
19 1 dream dragon
20 Can Shu with 10d6 Kralorelan soldiers and 3d4 Mandarins

The Torrible Zone may be less a place than a state of being. It may appear as any other area but a great sense of fear and doom is felt by those passing through.

Roll again on the Random Ignorance Locations Table, if a 17 is rolled, ignore and roll again. The Torrible Zone will resemble the area indicated, Roll encounters on the Special Encounters Table for that area or twice on the Encounters Table for that area if no Special Table is available.

Underednu  is another filthy town somewhat larger than Qyp. Its buildings are of small clay bricks and its streets are narrow and dusty. An inverted Black Sun pyramid is located in the town. Underednu also possesses a village metal smith, an Ignorant sage, several brothels, and an evil-looking tavern.

Encounters in Underednu (d20)
1-2 The streets are more deserted than usual
3-5 2d6 Ignorant villagers armed with clubs, pitchforks and spears
6 1d4 Ignorant thieves
7 Ignorant merchant caravan
8-9 2d6 trollkin
10-11 1d6 stingworms
12 1d6 giant ticks
13 1d4 giant river rats
14 1d4 trolls
15 1d6 Black Sun cultists
16 2d6 Black Sun cultists and 1d2 Priest or Priestess
17 1d8 Black Sun temple guards
18 1d6 Kralorelan soldiers
19 1d4 nupiter piffkin
20 1d4 spectres

The Western Sea is a large shallow and salty body of water often found in the regions of the Jankley Bore.

Encounters on the Western Sea (d20)
1-3 Roll on the Encounters in the Jankley Bore Table
4-6 1d6 Ignorant farmers basking on the beach
7-8 2d6 stingworms
9-10 2d4 giant river rats
11-12 1d6 cinquus
13 1d6 deer hsunchen
14 1d6 day bat or night bat hsunchen
15 1d2 snagarl
16 1d4 Secret Waters cultists
17 1d6 Secret Waters cultists and Priest or Priestess
18 2d6 Kralorelan soldiers on a black lotus barge
19 Can Shu’s Golden Pleasure Barge
20 Roll on the Special Encounters in Jankley Bore Table

The Zemery Fidd is usually associated with the eastern coastal regions of Chern Durel. The eastern sea laps at the smooth gray rocky beaches and oblong oysters are present in great quantities.

Encounters in the Zemery Fidd (d20)
1-2 1d6 Ignorant farmers basking on the beach
3 1d4 spectres
4-6 2d6 stingworms
7-8 2d4 giant river rats
9-10 1d4 snagarl
11-12 2d6 hunting Koromodol trolls
13 1d4 Secret Waters cultists
14 1d6 Secret Waters cultists and Priest or Priestess
15 1d4 killer whales
16 1d4 leopard seals
17 1 sea monster
18 2d6 Kralorelan soldiers on a black lotus barge
19 1d4 ships (Roll 1d6, 1-3 Karalorelan, 4 East Isles, 5-Teshnan, 6-Vadeli)
20 Roll twice on this table

(to be concluded)


  1. The timing is great for me, I have been a big RQ re-discovery kick as of late. As always top-notch evocative setting work. (Do I note a certain pornstar's influence in your presentation?)

  2. Hope tou find something useful herein, years of collecting scraps of information on the setting are hiding behind the tables.

    I did follow Zak's suggestion here, not that I completely agree with him, but it seemed right for this project and I thought it would be an interesting experiment. I wouldn't go this way with Humanspace because it doesn't seem right for Tekumel which was always characterized by a good bit of textual background. I suppose the outright exposition of setting was a bit understated in OEPT but Swords and Glory was really thick with setting.

    RQ 2 seemed to have a more implied setting. I know my original image of Glorantha had little in common with what developed over the years. I have less a sense of this with Tekumel.

  3. I don't fully either. I backtracked agreeing with Zak some on Trollsmyth's blog, specifically about Trey's Sorcerer Scroll, Scott's Huge Ruined Pile and...well your blog. In the right circumstances,deeper exposition not only works but is necessary.

    Long and short is don't stop what you are doing with Humanspace, it seems to be working.


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