Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Small Step

Posting has been somewhat sparse lately as I'm struggling to finish a dissertation scale report at work and I've been trying to put together some draft play-test rules for Humanspace Empires. I'm nearly finished writing the character generation, weapons, armor, and equipment rules. I need to tie up loose ends with these sections and write enough of the combat and adventuring rules to get a party through a space dungeon. I've added the Adventurer class, based on the optional Adventurer class for EPT that, I believe, was published in Dragon magazine. I'm struggling with how to handle robot and android characters and it seems that they may work best as yet another class; as such, the five character classes would be Adventurer, Android/Robot, Astronaut, Scientist, and Warrior. 

I'm hoping to have the draft finished over the weekend and I will make it available for download as soon as possible. I've generated the first character: Zád Áxáqan, a young human astronaut from the desert planet Canopus 3. He grew up on a moisture farm in the highland wastes and managed to sign on as a crewman with a nefarious local space smuggler. He's an excellent starship pilot for his age and has natural, untrained PSY power.

Zád Áxáqan

Class: Astronaut     Level: 1
Race: human         Sex: male
Age: 20
Homeworld: Canopus 3

STR : 7 (-1 melee damage/ force)
DEX: 13 (-1 AC /+1 attack)
CON: 10
INT : 9
PSY: 14 (+1 PSY saves)
CHA: 12

Background Skills
driver, moisture farmer, scavenger, survivalist
air pilot, alien contact, smuggler, thief, jack, poet

Astronaut Skills
turret gunner, space swordsman, energy pistol, navigator,
pilot +1

PSY Powers
PSY luck (1/day)

Languages: Sunuz

HP: 10
AC 4

skin-suit (AC 5) with bubble hood

space sword 2d6
Z-ray pistol 2d8

utility belt, contra-grav belt, communicator (medium range),
translation orb (local Canopus, Ahoggyá, Hokun, Nininyal, Pe Choi, Tinalíya), backpack , 100’ rope, trade goods, waterskin

CR: 310


  1. That's great about the ETA on the draft version, look forward to seeing it (eagerly even).

  2. Good! Gooooood! Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen it.

    Whoops! I mean... Errrr....

    Huzah and a hey-nonny-nonny!

  3. This is so cool. So is this going to be a free pdf? The setting you've been working on is very cool! Regards,Eric

  4. @ckutalik: Thanks. I do want to make it clear that this draft is going to be very rudimentary. Enough character generation and system mechanics to attempt to run a space dungeon crawl. Also, it will be nice to have (hopefully) a few people reading and/or playing it to bounce ideas off...

    @schoolmaster: fnord

    @needles: It will be released as a free pdf download. As stated supra; however, it will be pretty bare bones at this point.


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