Saturday, January 22, 2011

High Fashion in Humanspace

Schoolmaster observed the striking similarity between the mode of dress adopted by actress Jenny Agutter in her portrayal of Jessica 5 in the 1975 film Logan’s Run and what passes for high fashion amongst the interstellar elite of 62000 AD. Thanks to Al at Beyond the Black Gate for the original post that brought this to our attention.

Logan's Run may have been the first sci-fi film I saw on the silver screen.  I would have been about eight years old at the time.  I remember accompanying my much older sister and her sci-fi loving boyfriend to see the film. Logan's Run and Jenny Agutter have been kicking around in my subconscious for a long time...


  1. Mmmmm... I could look at this post for hours.

  2. I got a chance around that age to see it too (maybe I was six or seven?). Twice even, because my aunt is an extra in it.

    I remember getting awfully excited when they swim out of the domed city--and into the Fort Worth Water Gardens.

  3. I dig her/this movie/Humanspace design aesthetics!

  4. Reminds me to go back and watch Logan's Run as well as Barbarella. I needs me some zero-G striptease.


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