Saturday, July 2, 2011

Russ Nicholson's Regulan

Russ Nicholson, one of my favorite illustrators,  has graciously contributed the above illustration for use in the forthcoming Humanspace Empires rules.  Pictured is a Regulan or Vleshgu, perhaps the most inimical of man’s intergalactic foes.  I have been waiting for a suitable illustration to complete an article detailing this race so look for that in the near future.
The Humanspace rules, like the playtest draft, will be primarily illustrated with public domain science fiction illustrations from the pulp era but I feel that it is very important that some illustrations of classic EPT aliens be included and I would love it if a few were done by artists that have previously illustrated Tékumel publications.  Although best known for his work in the Fighting Fantasy series, the original Fiend Folio and in various Warhammer books, Russ’ art was featured in several issues of the 1990s Tékumel  zine, the Eye of All-Seeing Wonder. 
I want to take this opportunity to ask for additional artistic contributions for this project.  I need illustrations of spaced out Ahoggyá, Hláka,  Hlüss,  Mihálli, Páchi Léi, Pé Chói, Pygmy Folk, Ssú, Swamp Folk, Tinalíya and Urunén or any of the various EPT monsters for the Humanspace Space Monsters book.  Netherwerks have the Shén covered…
As Humanspace is a free, not for profit fan project with no budget, I am not able to commission art but I will try to compensate artists in some way, perhaps with a bound copy of the Humanspace book(s) in which their art appears.
Thanks again Russ!


  1. That's a great illo of an enemy of man. Before I even read the text of the post I said to myself "that space jerk needs a good punch to the face." But I'm irrationally hostile to space aliens due to decades of Space Invaders abuse.

  2. That's just plain cool - Mr Nicholson seems a great guy. A huge boon to an already mighty project.

    It's tempting on the back of that post to get the crayons out..! A potential bound copy no less...

  3. Awesome! Let's spread the word and get some more artists for Drune.

  4. I don't like that guy! Where's my ray gun?
    Great art! I still hate that guy!

  5. That's really gracious of the man. What a gentleman and what a fantastic piece of art!

  6. I will never be able to look at this illustration again and not imagine Jeff punching him in the face.

    Wow that's great that Russ donated an illustration, loved his work on the covers of the Eye.

  7. Nice! We are big fans of Mr. Nicholson's art. The Regulan looks great!

    We have a bunch more stuff for you besides shen. Like yourself, we've been digging out from under the backlog that accumulated when our hard-drive crapped-out. Space-Ssu, and a few others are on the way, probably before the end of the week, if all goes well.

  8. I'm not familiar with the setting, but I'd be happy to help out with art if you'd like. I've had stuff printed in Fight On! and one or two other places.

  9. @Netherwerks: Can't wait!

    @kelvingreen: That's fantastic. I think your style would fitin very well. Feel free to email me (email is on my profile) for any details. I will be doing a post about alien art in the near future too.

  10. Thanks for the nice words and from those who commented. Did you receive the other 2? If not see my blog now my dsl link is working again [fingers crossed it lasts now].

  11. Aye! :) It still works, if I am not mistaken. Keep it up!

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