Sunday, May 22, 2011

Serve the Empire

One of the players in the Humanspace Empires PBP Spaceswords and Glory had to drop out recently.  He was playing Krútai Málakal, the Executive Officer of the Humanspace Empire starship Deeds of Glory.

Anyone out there in ix-land that would like to join the game and take over the role of the XO comment below. You'd need to respond to 2-3 posts per week.


  1. What? No one has jumped on this yet?

    I'm game, although I've never done play by mail. I'd be happy to discuss further by email.


  2. @ Rob: Tried to contact you but could not find your email address.

    The spot is yours if you like. Take a look at the Spaceswords and Glory blog and the character sheet linked in the post. The Humanspace rules and Technical Manual with details on the ship, equipment and NPCs may be downloaded from the blog as well. You'd probably want to read the previous turns and at least skim the comments to catch up on what's going on.

    The XO (your character should you choose to accept him) was left in charge of the ship a few turns back while most of the PCs took the shuttle to Psi Tauri 9.

    Generally there are 2-3 turns posted per week that you would comment on, sometimes multiple comments per turn are appropriate. Combat resolution is evolving but will probably involve some abstraction to keep the game from bogging down completely.

    Let me know if you're still interested and if I can provide any additional information.

  3. Count me in! I think you should be able to msg me through my profile, and I'll get underway. Thanks! -R

  4. I see that you tried to find my email and it did not work. It's with gmail. And to try to fool any spammers, it has rleduc with a 321 before the universal at-sign. If that doesn't work, drop another comment - I'll watch this page.


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