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Sand Men of Canopus 3

The Ayákin, or Sand Men, are a humanoid species descended from ancient human colonists on the desert planet Rakú (Canopus 3). Typically, they are tall and slender with golden skin, blue eyes with epicanthic folds and a functional nictitating membrane to protect them against wind-blown sand.

The Reydayákin, the Sand Men of the deep deserts, are tribal nomads devoted to survival in the harsh wastelands but also honor, feuds, raids, and mystic worship of the sandworms that serve as their mounts. Some are employed by the more civilized Ayákin and Imperial domains as mercenaries.

The civilized space faring Feydayákin maintain a super-scientific culture, control several cities on the planet and have accumulated great wealth from the offworld trade of Slan, an anti-synthetic narcotic drug with life extending and psi-enhancing effects.

Most Ayákin, barbaric and civilized, share certain common cultural traits. They are practitioners of Zúfshala, an ancient mystical Sunuzlāmic faith that has incorporated veneration of the Ayá , they wear still suits, veil their faces and dye their skin blue with Slan and are divided into a rigid structure of three functional castes: Jiyá, Zúf, and Tzcán.

Image above copyright Michael Whelan. Fair-use as parody.

Jiyá are warriors and warrior-mentaliks and dress in black. They are masters of both the traditional weapons of the Sand Men and super-scientific weapons. They also serve as the secular leaders of the Ayákin and as traders and ambassadors. Zúf are scholars, scientists, and priest- mentaliks and dress in white. They are supreme in matters of religious life, keep the sacred writings of the people and control the water supplies, the sand worms and the flow of Slan. Tzcán are children and outcasts who join neither the Jiyá nor the Zúf, and dress in brown. The most hated of the Reydayákin are the Dune Raiders, savage Tzcán outcasts that mercilessly prey upon Imperial colonists and other Ayákin.

Jiyá Feydayákin are suitable as a Player Character species. They must have a CON of 9 or more and a PSY score of at least 11. They are unlimited in their advancement as Warriors, Astronauts and Adventurers; however the Adventurers may not select Scientist powers.

Dune Raiders (Tzcán Reydayákin)

No. Enc.: 2d8 (6d20)
Alignment: Inimical
Movement: 120’ (40’)
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: 1
Damage: by weapon
Morale: 9

The Dune Raiders of Canopus 3 are brown robed savage outcast Sand Men that live a brutal and harsh nomadic existence in the deep deserts of Canopus 3. They have forsaken Ayákin traditions and beliefs, ride desert mites and are hostile to all.

One of every four Dune Raiders encountered will be a veteran armed with an advanced or super-scientific weapon, usually a laser or wavium rifle, and will have 1d4 additional hit dice. Instead of the gracefully curved space swords and psi-swords favored by other Ayákin, the Dune Raiders are typically armed with zturji sticks, staff like ad hoc weapons about 4 feet in length, usually forged from scavenged duranium alloys. These weapons, named for the blood drinking birds of Rakú, feature a heavy mace on one end and an awl or beak on the other. There is a 50% chance that any zturji stick has been treated with poison or contaminated waste of some type.

zturji stick 1d8 damage weight: 4lb.

In addition to the obvious sources, check out the Vanthan Beaked Battle Stick at No Signal!.


  1. So a combination of the Tusken Raiders, the Fremen,a bit of the Barsoomian Warriors here. Interesting ideas

  2. tekumel meets dune meets star wars... brilliant!

  3. Tusken + Fremen + Mri = ultimate desert bad-assness! :)


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