Sunday, May 1, 2011

Monster Planet

Although the Garden Worlds of the Pé Chói are amongst the most peaceful and safe destinations in known space, there is at least one exception to this rule, Hss-hsskkl, Monster Planet. 
Monster Planet is a large world orbiting the red dwarf star Nn-Tchk-kka (DX Cancri). Interstellar historians believe that the planet is the result of early failed efforts in Pé Chói world shaping during a period pre-dating mankind’s emergence as an interstellar society.  Millenia ago, the delicate weather control and gravitonic machinery malfunctioned. Monster Planet became nearly uninhabitable; its gravity increased to over 2 g; its axial tilt shifted resulting in severe and permanent storm systems, frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions wracked the lands and seas, and extremely high levels of mutagenic radiation became trapped at the surface.
By the time of the Second Terran Star Empire, the Pé Chói had long since abandoned the world, visiting it only with occasional scientific missions.  The human gene shapers of the period; however, took great interest in the planet, and in partnership with the Pé Chói seeded it with alien monsters and terrible new life from the Martian gene vats so that they might study the effects of the harsh mutagenic world on these creatures.
Thanks to the many thousands of years of mutations, the brutal ecosystem, and the tinkering of the human Clone Masters, everything on Monster Planet is predatory and capable of killing an unwary Pé Chói or human instantly.  Large exo- animals that are strong enough to destroy vehicles and spacecraft are common.  All small animals have xenotoxic venom, that is often resistant to standard antt-venoms, and nearly all plants, fungi, and slimes are carnivorous.
In the 621st century, the world has again been largely abandoned to its monstrous population; although several well guarded Pé Chói and Imperial scientific installations are maintained.  Periodically, archaeological expeditions return from the world with amazing artifacts from the ancient and lost Pé Chói colonies.  It is also reported that tribes of degenerate primitive Pé Chói and nature cults comprised of primitivist refugees from interstellar society may be found on the world.


  1. Beautiful. No doubt the wreckage of more than one Space Beagle can be found on the planet or in a decaying orbit.

  2. Looks like an illustration of one of Vance's more "lively" planets...

  3. Young man have you been reading Harry Harrison's Deathworld series again? Awesome stuff & consider this stolen!

  4. Sounds terrifying... when are we going?

  5. @Tallgeese:...and mutant displacer beasts roaming about...
    @Blair: I can definitely see that. I can't remember what story the illustration was wasn't a Vance story though...
    @Needles: Busted.
    @Schoolmaster: Have to arrange some emergency there soon...


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