Thursday, May 5, 2011

EC! ORANGE ALERT! The City-State of Irregardless Opulence (Post # 100)

I have certainly been remiss in not posting about this sooner but Arcadian over at the Encounter Critical! fanblog No Signal! has launched an EC! Play by Post game.  It's called the City-State of Irregardless Opulence.

I signed up because setting up and running the Humanspace PbPs left me really wishing I was playing, he's running it on a blog like the Humanspace PbPs, maybe I'll learn how to run a PbP, and I've been a fan of EC! since I found a copy at Kaybee Toys on a field trip to the Air and Space Museum in the late 70s (% liar).

Today was technically the last day to join in and there are four players but if someone really wants to explore the Phasic Realm of Vanth PbP style you might be able to slip in...

My character, T'pong Atari,  the Mutant Vulkin Warrior Doxy is below:

T'Pong Atari was born on Planet Vulkin and bonded, as a child, to the famous bearded Vulkin scientist and space commander Dr. Spork (pronounced Spooork). She attended the best scientific finishing schools, learned the strange lovemaking secrets of the Star Geishas and was trained to be the perfect submissive Vulkin trophy wife.

Travelling across the cosmos on his ship the Galaga Galaxina, Spork began suffering from poon furr, or Vulkin estrus, and returned to his home planet to mate with T'Pong.

T'Pong, however, preferred Stunn and six other guys and a few girls too. She executed her right to claim kal-if-fleur at the kal-if-forn-ik-eee ceremony (a Vulkin wedding). Spork had to fight to the death for her against his spaceship captain. Spork was victorious but she claimed dun-ke-kung and spurned Spork. In his grief and rage, he lost control of his emotions and kidnapped T’Pong to his Vulkin Fortress of Science where he tortured her with Giant Space Centipedes and threw her in a dungeon. She gained her freedom from the dank cell by seducing one of the robodroid guards and fled to Spork’s lab where she escaped the fortress in his experimental time teleporter.

Something went horribly wrong. She was cast through time and space 13 years into the future on the planet Vanth and when her molecules and cells reassembled she found that her eyes had turned to blue diamonds, cranial feelers had sprouted on her head and her hair had turned bone white!

T'Pong was taken in by a band of nomadic Amazons and learned their womanly warrior ways. When the time arrived, she set out into the realm of Vanth to seek fame and fortune and cool new weapons and she dreams of finding a means of returning to Vulkin so that she might serve Spork a cold dish of revenge.


  1. I don't know which is a better Video Game name, T'pong Atari or Galaga Galaxina :)

  2. That may just be the best character write-up ever.

  3. I like the picture myself :)

  4. "since I found a copy at Kaybee Toys on a field trip to the Air and Space Museum in the late 70s"

    What a Johnny-come-lately you are, I received mine as a freebie in the Guns of Navarone play-set years before that.

  5. I've got you all beat! I found my copy at an arcade in 1983 hidden behind a Polybius machine.

  6. @arcadian:

    Yes, she can warp into my bedroom anytime.


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