Sunday, April 3, 2011

Treasure of the Amethyst Dragon

Yo Gloranthaphiles...the Kingdom of Ignorance: Treasure of the Amethyst Dragon  DOOMQUEST crawl may be included in the forthcoming issue of the Gloranthan fanzine Hearts in Glorantha. So, while taking breaks from what I was supposed to be doing today, working overtime writing detailed commentary on digging up long dead people and their trash, I continued work on KOI.

It occurred to me that I would love to run this at as a one shot or tournament game and I made up a few pregen characters for the crawl.

The story begins with the Repairer of Roads, an ancient Dragonewt noble charged with the maintenance of the mystical dragon roads, plucking four Gloranthan adventurers and one early 20th century Scottish magician from the jaws of certain death and sending them, with his apprentice Rep Rep, off to the Kingdom Ignorance on a quest for the Treasure of the Amethyst  Dragon.

I' m hoping to arrange a live playtest before sending this off to HiG but I don't think I have much time and finding six insane people willing to try this is probably impossible.  Anyone interested in a Skype game in the near future?

All images wantonly looted from here and here and here and  here and there, and there even.  I claim fair use. Clearly this is parody.
Rep-Rep: the Representative of the Repairer
Dragonewt Tailed Priest

Sword: 13 Sorcery: 13 Social: 12 Bonuses: +2 Sorcery, +3 Sneak, Spells: Dragon Armor, Dragon Strength, Dream Vision, Fire Breath, Forced March, Heal, Lose Limb, Regrow Limb, Scorn Wound, Shed Skin, Sprout Wings, Soul Blast, Tattoo Matrix, Telepathy, Walk Dragon Road

HP / Armor per location: Head: 5/2 Left Arm: 4/2 Right Arm: 4/2 Chest: 6/7 Abdomen: 5/7 Left Leg: 5/2 Right Leg: 5/2 Scales, +2 Dragonbone breastplate, +2 Dragonbone klanth (d8+2, AP 8 HP 16), Encumbrance: 19 Move: 53’ XP: 2000

Winged Form
HP / Armor per location: Head: 5/2 Left Arm: 4/2 Right Arm: 4/2 Left Wing: 4/2 Right Wing: 4/2 Chest: 6/7 Abdomen: 6/7 Left Leg: 5/2 Right Leg: 5/2

 Professor Edison Leer: the Owl
Scottish Magician and Adventurer

Sword: 16 Sorcery: 4 Social: 3 Bonuses: +6 Sorcery, +4 Social +2 Parry Spells: Bring Haboob, Compel Flesh, Create Curse Whistle, Detect Enchantment, Dream Vision, Graft Flesh, Mind Exchange, Soul Singing, Spectral Razor, Summon/Bind Hunting Horror

HP / Armor per location: Head: 6/1 Left Arm: 5/1 Right Arm: 5/1 Chest: 8/1 Abdomen: 6/1 Left Leg: 6/1 Right Leg: 6/1 Thick skin, Sword cane (d8, AP 6 HP 12), Webley Self-Extracting Revolver Mk VI (d10 +1), Owl Bone Whistle, Encumbrance: 28 Move: 56’ XP: 10000

 Jade Alynx: the Pussycat
Vithelan Sorceress

Sword: 10 Sorcery: 10 Social: 9 Bonuses: +3 Sword, +4 Sorcery, +5 Social, +3 Parry Spells: Attune Landscape, Deflect Harm, Dragon Armour, Dream Vision, Fire Breath, Great Swallow, Heal, Mesmerize, Regrow Limb, Shed Skin, Soul Blast, Spit Venom, Sustain Life, Tattoo Matrix

HP / Armor per location: Head: 4/0 Left Arm: 3/0 Right Arm: 3/0 Chest: 5/0 Abdomen: 4/0 Left Leg: 4/0 Right Leg: 4/0 +2 Sword “Green Dream Dragon Claw” (d8+2, AP 8 HP 32), Encumbrance: 18 Move: 58’ XP: 12000

 Wu Kung
Kralorelan Monk

Sword: 15 Sorcery: 5 Social: 4 Bonuses: +3 Sword, +5 Sorcery, +3 Social, +5 Acrobatics, +5 Sneak Spells: First Strike, Forced March, Grasshopper Armor, Heal, Heroic Leap, Scorn Wound, Suspend Life, Sustain Life

HP / Armor per location: Head: 5/0 Left Arm: 4/0 Right Arm: 4/0 Chest: 6/0 Abdomen: 5/0 Left Leg: 5/0 Right Leg: 5/0 Grasshopper Style x2 (d8), Encumbrance: 30 Move: 60’ XP: 11000

Red Tonja
Redlands Lunar Warrior 

Sword: 13 Sorcery: 7 Social: 6 Bonuses: +2 Sword, +2 Sorcery, +8 Social, Spells: Scimitar Sharp, Detect Enemies, Fireblade, Heal, Protection

HP / Armor per location: Head: 5/0 Left Arm: 4/0 Right Arm: 4/0 Chest: 6/5 Abdomen: 5/5 Left Leg: 5/0 Right Leg: 5/0 Chainmail bikini, silver scimitar (d8, AP 6 HP 12), iron shield (d3+3, AP 6 HP 18), Lunar bow (d8), Encumbrance: 15 Move: 51’ XP: 12000

 Murloc the Man-Bat
Bat Hsunchen Shaman

Sword: 10 Sorcery: 10 Social: 9 Bonuses: +3 Sword, +3 Sorcery  Spells: Banish spirit, Dark Wall, Paralyze, Summon Spirit, Torpor , Transform into Man-Bat

HP/Armor per location: Head: 4/2 Left Arm: 3/2 Right Arm: 3/2 Chest: 5/4 Abdomen: 4/4 Left Leg: 4/2 Right Leg: 4/2 Bat fur cap and cloak, cuirboilli, Fetch stick and ground stone bat ax (d8, AP 6 HP 12), sling (d4), Encumbrance: 9  Move: 49’ XP: 6000

Man-Bat Form

Sword: 19 Sorcery: 1 Social: 1 Bonuses/Spells:none

HP / Armor per location: Head: 7/4 Left Arm: 6/4 Right Arm: 6/4 Left Wing: 6/4 Right Wing: 6/4 Chest: 8/4 Abdomen: 7/4 Left Leg: 7/4 Right Leg: 7/4 Thick skin, Bite (d8), Claws x2 (d8), Encumbrance: 38 Move: 80’

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  1. I've just noticed this. I did something with the Owl and the Pussycat four days later. Now that's weird. I suppose it's possible I saw it, forgot it and the seed was planted, but that doesn't seem likely. The only other link I can make - beyond the 'great minds' one, which really doesn't hold up for me - is with nonsense, given nonsense is source we probably all spend a bit of time accessing. Or maybe a combination of unrelated ideas and images just put the idea there, and there are other posts up the last week or two with the same. A funny thing whatever the cause.


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