Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday Night Specials: The Trárkku


No. Enc.: 1d20 (10d20)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 120’ (40’)
Armor Class: 8 (4 vs. primitive weapons)
Hit Dice: 4
Attacks: 1
Damage: by weapon
Morale: 7

Trárkku are brutal human mutants native to the fallen colony world Ain 4 in the Hyades. These large fierce monsters average almost seven feet tall and their muscular bodies are covered with pale blue fur. Their form is animalistic, tusks grow from the lower jaws of both males and females, their hindquarters and legs are goat like, and their feet are large, padded and clawed. They typically wear heavy iron masks over their tusks, carry iron shields and wear primitive iron armor.

Trárkku are very aggressive and they are rarely without their huge war axes. Their society is primitive, tribal and fanatically religious. Their religion might be described as a cargo cult; they worship alien and Humanspace technological artifacts and will trade or go to war to acquire such items. Space axes are particularly desired by these creatures. These religious obsessions have resulted in strained relations with the other inhabitants of Ain 4.

One of every five Trárkku encountered will be a holy warrior armed with an advanced or super-scientific weapon, usually a Space axe or sword. One of every ten  will carry an advanced or super-scientific energy or projectile weapon. These holy warriors will have 1d4 additional hit dice. 

The Trárkku were created thanks to the post Unnamed Monster: You Do The Stats at Netherwerks. The original image was officially declared Public Domain/OGL/Open Gaming Content/Copyleft--whatever. Same goes for the text and image above.

Additional details on the Trárkku and Ain 4 may be found here


  1. Oooooh... Neat. One suggestion:

    "...legs are goat like..."

    I believe the the technical term is "digitigrade."

    Jus' sayin'.

  2. @ Schoolmaster: That's funny. I was trying to think of a better term but drew a blank. Digitigrade? I believe the creature is digitigrade, it's legs are not. One could say it's legs are in digitigrade arrangement. Any better terms to describe goat-like legs?

  3. Hmmm... I double checked and you're right, digitgrade is not the correct term to describe goats legs. The correct term is "unguligrade."

    My bad.

  4. Neat. We'll post a better-quality scan shortly. Been a little busy...


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