Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tau Ceti

Tau Ceti or Al Nánamat is a very ancient Human system in the Terran core only 12 light years from Earth. Tau Ceti 3 was one of the first worlds terraformed after Mars and was a center of Cymek machine culture during and after the fall of the Second Empire. Unfortunately, about 5000 years ago a massive meteor storm overwhelmed the planet's defenses resulting in the deaths of many millions and the collapse of the artificial ecosystem. It's been airless since, abandoned to the billions of wild robots that were left behind.

Wavium crystal mining is still a major concern in the the debris disk surrounding the star and thousands of asteroid mining settlements remain there including Syntrál, the seat of the wealthy Ket of the system's governor and Sughu City, the most decadent city in the Old Core.


  1. No. Enc.: 10-60
    Alignment: Allied
    Move: 120'(40’)
    Armor Class: As armor
    Hit Dice: 3
    Attacks: 2
    Damage: As weapon
    Morale: 15*

    Kindosi are generally xenophobic, but trust Shen implicitly, and are often seen in the wall passages of that race. They often serve alongside the Warrior-Shen, employed on special missions for the Empress, aiding them by the use of their natural chameleonic abilities.

    *Assuming ascending.

  2. Oh, and this is the illustration link:
    (Picture by Netherwerks)

    Natural enemies:
    Stomach Eater Worm (parasite). The Stomach Eater Worm enters with food, mates, allows the young to grow, and then chews out of the stomach, killing the host and ensuring a food supply.

    Also, this is being subbmited for use, so it's not totally random.

  3. Well first of all awesome & second of all stolen,again. Say can I raise you a green hell of my own. Outermost Toe very disgusting & cool!

  4. Thanks! The picture isn't mine though, except in the sense that it belongs to everyone due to the terms under which Netherwerks released.

    (Also, Alignment should read "Shen". Sorry about that.)

  5. Very interesting. I like that they are chameleons that hang out in "wall passages." They also bear an uncanny resemblance to the trarkku.

  6. Ah. Well. That resemblance could be a problem, yes.


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