Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pork and Plutons

Ix might be in space but it's not in a vacuum.

Signals from Planet Algol have reached us regarding far-future space fantasy adventures in the Pluton Zone, inspired by Jack Vance and Dune and powered by Humanspace Empires.

Relevant transmissions may be intercepted here and here and don't miss the Random Table of Hyperspace Monster Encounters and the awesome post on Space Yoga.

Also, a fantastic bipartite review of the Humanspace Empires draft play test rules may be found at the Expanse.

The first part is here and the second here.

I hope to be completing The Treasure of the Amethyst Dragon, my DOOMQUEST Micro-Campaign set in Glorantha's Kingdom of Ignorance, this weekend. I will post the pdf as a free download as soon as its wrapped up.  To the several brave people that have been coerced into a Skype play test event, there will be more details coincident with the release.


  1. Made my way here through the expanse, eagerly making my way through Humanspace now.

  2. Very exciting news here Drune. Blair always puts together such quality stuff. Excellent!

  3. Cool graphic. Blair seems to be having a great time developing the Pluton Zone. It's high quality stuff. Possibly some of his best...especially the truly inspiring piece he wrote on Yoga. Simply elegant and absolutely on-the-money.

  4. @DocStout: Cool thanks for commenting and thanks to Porky for getting the word out.

    @Needles & Netherwerks: I can't wait to see more of the Pluton Zone. Planet Algol is always awesome and I love the Zone's influences, Vance and Dune.

    I did the Pluton Zone graphic just for fun and because it seemed to fit. It's adapted from the cover of Lost Moons, a rare book of Vance short stories from the 80s, artist unknown.

  5. That graphic is awesome! Thank you so much!


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