Sunday, April 17, 2011

Micro-Dungeons of Ignorance

Anyone wondering whatever happened to the DOOMQUEST hex-less crawl through Gloantha's Kingdom of Ignorance and the associated Skype play-test?

Un-fantastic real world work and other projects have cut into my design time a bit but the real hold up has been a sort of endless expansion to the crawl that, I believe, will ultimately result in a very useful and fun book.

The final version of the Treasure of the Amethyst Dragon will now feature over 60 classic Gloranthan monsters and original foes and creatures statted for DOOMQUEST and indexed in about 20 random encounter tables, dozens of special and unique encounters and NPCs  that will drive the plot buried beneath the random tables, at least three micro-dungeons, a system for random treasure generation for DOOMQUEST using Social stat as Loot Factor, a random table of DOOMQUEST magic items including dozens of Gloranthan goodies and new weird artifacts, additional rules for Battle Magic, Spirit Magic, Dragon Magic, and Divine Magic in DOOMQUEST, and  rules for Divine Intervention.

It may be another  week or two to pull this all together, especially if it continues to expand.  I haven't heard back from Hearts in Glorantha about publishing this beast so I'm not sure where that stands. Also, I applied for an Official License to e-publish Gloranthan material a few weeks ago and haven't heard back about that yet either.

I've enjoyed working on the project though and I think I may do a similar East Isles sea-crawl for DOOMQUEST next.

If none of this makes sense and you're curious, read these earlier posts.


  1. No it makes sense & I'm following its progress nicely. Thanks for getting this off of the ground as well.

  2. Hi Drune

    Sorry be in touch, I droped the ball there.

    Check your email.


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