Sunday, April 10, 2011

It Came From Space: The Shikkáyi

Planet of origin:unknown

No. Enc.: 1-4
Alignment: Inimical
Move: 180' (60')
            Fly: 240’ (80’)
Armor Class: 0
Hit Dice: 10
Attacks: 2 or 3 (see below)
Damage: 2-12
Morale: 12

The Shikkáyi are an inimical and parasitic alien race. They appear as a large bloated gray gas bag containing a shockingly human-like eye with numerous thin and fibrous tentacles stemming from the sac. They were first encountered on Mars by ancient Terran explorers. Similar creatures, including unintelligent, degenerate or un-evolved sub-species have been found on scattered worlds throughout known space and it is believed that the creature ranged across this region of the galaxy in the very distant past.

The Shikkáyi appear to possess a form of high intellect that is very different from that of most known sapients.  They do not seem to possess their own technology but will adapt and utilize the science of other races in a form of technological parasitism.  It was on Ancient Mars that they first adopted partial, modified human bodies for use as mounts or hosts by infiltrating genetic laboratories, enslaving the human technicians and growing these modi-bodies in the gene vats. A Shikkáyi can separate from its modi-body at will; however doing so will cause extreme trauma to the host and leave it a breathing piece of brainless meat.

They also frequently added cymek improvements to the modi-bodies such as integrated ray weaponry and the replacement of feet with contra-gravitic field generators.

The Shikkáyi are poorly understood but it is clear that they are allies to none and enemies to all. They seek to make modi-body slaves of every species they encounter. It has been reported that in at least one instance, the Shikkayi have attempted to convert an ahoggya into a modi-body mounting four of the Shikkayi linked into a powerful, quadruple gestalt. It produced a dreadful abomination capable of unleashing a massive anti-psychic field that blasted minds, crashed robot brains, purged computers, and disabled all mentaliks within range. It is feared that these horrid things might one day learn how to focus this anti-psychic effect into some sort of directed weapon.

As might be expected, there is great variability in these, fortunately, rare alien monsters. A typical specimen is shown.  It attacks three times per round, once with its own tentacles, once with an alien melee weapon that delivers a powerful electrical discharge and once with its scourge-weapon, a devolved and stunted Káyi modified to serve as a living weapon. The tentacles of the Shikkáyi and Káyi deliver 2-12 damage on hit. Additionally, there is a 75% chance that the tentacles will attach to the victim doing 2-12 hit points damage and draining one experience level per round until removed.


  1. Very cool - great art, as well.

  2. Oh that's so wrong on so many levels.. In other words its nasty & cool. Love that artwork! Next race of nasties please!


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