Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm ready to begin moving forward with the Official Humanspace Empires play by post play test and development campaigns. Yes, campaigns, I've decided to split the volunteers into two groups based on their stated preference for theme. I think the smaller groups will allow for greater individual involvement and minimize the lag that a large group might be unable to avoid.

I would like to have characters generated by the weekend if possible.

The looters game has been named the Ancient Astronauts Campaign. Assuming all of the players that expressed interest in the game are still on board, there are no additional spots available.

The players are:

Risus Monkey 

 Players in the the Ancient Astronauts Campaign may  generate characters  following the rules in the playtest draft. Any class or species should be fine.  Abilities should be rolled 3d6 in order as stated in the rules.  If you have a character concept that requires certain minimums keep rolling up stats until you get it and send me a copy of all the failed rolls for statistical analysis.  If you really want to play an android or robot or mutant or something really odd email me at thedrune at gmaildotcom and I will try to work it out.  Characters should be first level with randomly generated starting credits from which you may purchase equipment.

The Imperials game has been named:

Spaceswords & Glory

The players are:

School Master 
Il Male™ 

At this time there are two additional spots open for this game if anyone else wants to play, comment below.

Character generation will be a little more complicated for this game as players will be the crew of a small Humanspace Naval vessel (think alternate universe Evil Star Trek bearded Spock). Once all the players are assembled we can discuss ranks, position, character level, etc.  Email me with any questions.

Remember, I warned you that I've never run a pbp game but I'm thinking about running these campaigns on blogs. Let me know if you hate this idea but I think it has several advantages.   I like the customization of blogs vs. message boards and I don't foresee needing any integrated features like dice rollers (we will be on the honor system) abd email may be used for secrecy when necessary.

So, let me know what you think and the Naval Forces  of the Third Terran Empire are looking for a couple of good lifeforms if you missed the first chance at signing up.

Also, please note the new Humanspace Resorces page at ix.  It is attempting to index all the new Humanspace material thats been bubbling up lately and will be regularly updated.


  1. Awesome! Let me get to rolling . . .

    STR 11
    DEX 8
    CON 7
    INT 8
    PSY 10
    CHA 8

    Luckily, my concept was 'cannon fodder,' so I'm off to an excellent start!


    - Ark

  2. Hi Drune,

    I'm tentatively interested in trying out your Spaceswords & Glory game, though I'm not exactly sure how it will work.



  3. Hi Drune,

    I am interested in your Spaceswords & Glory game as well. If you still have a spot available.

  4. Great, do we have to mail-you the character sheet?

    If I got it, I only have to find out abilities, pick class and race and wait for skills until the level is set, right? What about equipment? Do we have standard Naval Forces equipment? Or we can just roll cash and get what we want? Man I'm excited!!

  5. Keen! I'm anxious to get started. My dice are waiting for me when I get home from work...

  6. Are all the spaces filled? If not I'm interested...

  7. I'd like in on the Imperials game.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I'd love to play in SpaceSwords & Glory if there is room. A Jaguar Knight space marine perhaps, or a Pei Choi science officer/archaeologist or an irascible Ahoggya engineer....

    The die roller has the labels in their own order, so I just wrote them down in the order rolled.

    Strength - 17
    Dexterity - 15
    Constitution - 12
    Intelligence - 18
    Psychic Power - 15
    Charisma - 12

    background skill roll
    survivalist, alien contact

    professional skill roll
    hunter, scavenger, primitive bow, space swordsman, energy rifle

    credit roll
    6x200=1200 credits

  11. Sorry for the delay in responding to comments, had to work late...archaeological emergency.

    @Ark: Those are some pretty mediocre scores. If you want to have this one die in the first term of service and try again that’s ok with me. On the other hand ability scores aren’t everything.

    @phf: I will consider you tentatively in. I will be sending out an email with more details about the game either later tonight or tomorrow evening. Let me know as soon as possible if you want to bail.

    @ Mike D. You’re in.

    @ Il Male™: I will be sending an email with more details about the game either later tonight or tomorrow evening so it may be wise to wait. As I said character generation for S&G is going to take some coordination to make sure crew positions are filled. Feel free to roll up a first level character if you don’t want to wait and we can try to make it work.

    @Risus Monkey: Awesome!

    @Zanazaz, Brett and Captain Jack: Oh no, we reached the cut-off with Mike D. I'm worried about adding additional players but I really would like for you to be able to play if you want. I will think about this and you can consider yourselves alternates for now. I will add you to the emails and try to have a decision soon.

    @ migellito; That’s some rolling. Looks like Doc Savage! Did you pick a species?

  12. I had considered a Pe Choi, but immediately after rolling his stats I thought of Doc Savage.

    I think he's going to have to be human.. heh.

  13. Hi Drune, tried to respond to your email but it bounced. Daughter's birthday dinner tonight so will generate a character for Ancient Astronauts tomorrow.

    aka Kobold

  14. Stat rolls:
    Strength - 9
    Dexterity - 13
    Constitution - 8
    Intelligence - 11
    Psychic Power - 7
    Charisma - 13

    The Psychic Power score rules our any of the mystic/science classes. So it'll be an Adventurer or Warrior. Haven't decided if I'm going alien or not.

  15. @Drune I couldn't tell from the comments, but being on the alternates list would be grand. In the meantime, I'll look over the rules and tinker.

  16. Druno, if you are having alternates I'd like to be on there with Brett too (second alternate or what).

  17. I've decided that all current alternates are in but both games are now full. I sent an email out to everyone with more details. I arrived home too late to finish the introductory emails that will enable character generation to move ahead and will go over some ideas and ground rules. Look for that tomorrow.

    Happy 420.

  18. Human male from Tau Ceti. That's not an alien home world, is it?

    STR: 9
    DEX: 16
    CON: 8
    INT: 12
    PSY: 11
    CHA: 7

    I'm thinking Astronaut.

  19. As promised, my character for Ancient Astronauts:

    Artó Patánalanya
    Race: Human
    Career: Astronaut

    Str: 12
    Dex: 9
    Con: 9
    Int: 15 +1 Language, +1 Skill/Power Selection Mod
    Psy:14 +1 Saving Throw Mod
    Cha: 7 +1 Reaction Adjustment, 3 Retainers. 6 Retainer Morale

    Background Tech Level:
    18 – Super Scientific

    Background Skills:
    10 – 2 basic skills, 2 technical skills, 1 expert skill
    Hunter Air Pilot Spacer - Engineer
    Driver Thief

    Professional Skills (Astronaut):
    19+1 (Int Mod) = 20 – 7 skills from 1st 10, 1 Lvl 2 Power
    Space Swordsman
    Energy Pistol+1
    Control of Self

    Starting credits: 10 x Cr200 = Cr2000

    “Know, my child, that the Patánalanya Clan have had a chequered past. We have been High Humanspace Officicators and Pashaws of Bureaux, and we have been street sweepers and Nightsoil Dealers. Even here, on high-tech Culángoola, jewel of the Frontier, Fortune has alternately raised us up and kicked us in the cods.

    “Your father’s father’s father, the venerable Salúrambanasa Patánalanya, served a time in the Space Navies of the Veritable Autocrator, rising to the rank of Beylebey before retiring from the service. His adventures across space inspired your father’s father, the indomitable Pashálanak Patánalanya, to join the merchant marine. In the fullness of time, Salúrambanasa and Pashálanak went into business together, joined by several of our cousins, and purchased a ship for trading across the deeps of space. One ship became two, and then three, and then five. And the fortunes of the Patánalanya Clan waxed and waned with the ebb and flow of interstellar trade.

    “In the time of your father, the noble Mayamana Patánalanya, commerce grew thin and the Clan made needs to expand their markets and broaden the list of goods in which they traded. And such has been your training, my child, part explorer, part merchant prince, able to turn your hand to various positions within a crew, yet able to strike out across a planet in search of ancient hordes and elusive trade goods.

    “You are still unsure of yourself, my child, reticent and closed face when meeting others. To become a great man, like your father’s father’s father, or your father’s father, you must open yourself like a flower before the sun, reflecting your glory upon those around you. Learn this, and you will find yourself upon the path to fortune.”

  20. Here's my dude (I will roll skills later). Not bad rolls, Special Lady Friend as witness.

    "Lil' Chumpy"
    Pygmy Folk (he owns the phrase) Astronaut.
    Advanced background

    STR: 10
    DEX: 15
    CON: 10
    INT: 13
    PSY: 11
    CHA: 12

    Skills: Scavanger, cook, brawler, mechanic, comp tech, electrician, spacer, astronomer, author

    Class Skills: Navigator, engineer, energy pistol


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