Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hierarchy of the Nóm

The Hierarchy of the Nóm, is a theocratic super-scientific interstellar empire in the Coreward Beyond lying between Humanspace and the Great Shén Star Empire. Its capital is the planet Yóko that orbits Manayódsushai (known in Humanspace as Ras Algethi, or 64 Herculis), a massive red giant star. Outsiders are very limited in mobility within and access to the secretive and closed society of the Nóm.

The Nóm are a variant or mutant human race; physically quite distinct from the people of Humanspace. They tend to be very thin but relatively short, somewhat macrocephalic with sharp, triangular faces and epicanthic folds and have almost jet-black skin. Many tattoo their faces and bodies with intricate designs.

Scholars of interstellar history and linguistics debate the origins of the Nóm. It is thought most likely that they are descended from a lost Terran colony established millennia before the First Terran Empire was formed; as their language, Ónu, has little similarity to Sunúz. 

Amongst the Nóm, science, government and theology are intertwined. Although little is known of their mysterious religion, it is believed that they worship stellar energy and specifically the star Manayódsushai, claiming that it is sentient and they have developed techniques that allow communication with it. All aspects of life within the Hierarchy, including civil, military and religious affairs, are completely dominated by the Techno-priests of the Star God and the Priest-Emperor, the Invisibly Radiant Hierarch.

The Techno-priesthood appears to be divided into at least four sects or orders. The Sect of Speakers communicates with Manayódsushai and conveys its messages to the remainder of society.  According to the Speakers, adherence to the Infinite Nuclear Plan is necessary to avoid a cataclysmic future event. The plan specifies everything from individual morality and mode of dress to the need to rearrange the order of the cosmos, primarily through the destruction, creation, and relocation of stars. These latter tasks are the domains of the other sects, the Destroyers, the Creators, and the Transporters who use precisely calculated thermostellar explosions, Illudium space modulators, and massive contra-gravitic wave generators to carry out the will of Manayódsushai.

In recent centuries, the Sect of Transporters have attempted to relocate several stars within the boundaries of the Shén Empire resulting in periodic interstellar warfare between the Hierarchy and the Shén.


  1. The Nóm are also infamous for their mastery of the technology behind the illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator....

  2. Isn't this Space Modulator model the same one that they've been working on for 2000 years? The Q-36!
    "At last, after two thousand years of research, the illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator. At last." this might be a direct quote from the Invisibly Radiant Hierarch himself! :)

  3. I pity any planet that obscures their view of a sun...

  4. Great to see the Nom strike back like that...

  5. That's what I get for going by late. Everybodies' made the Marvin the Martian jokes before me! ;) Good post, though.

  6. @Trey: Maybe putting in the Illudium space modulators was a bit much...

  7. Just as a side note, I have speculated that, in the future, a group of Nom will give rise to Blackmoor's Afridi.


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