Monday, April 4, 2011


I continue to be pretty excited about DOOMQUEST, the two page Runequest hack by Scott LeMein that was included in the most recent issue of Fight On! I was a bit nonplussed by the complete lack of interest in play-testing the micro-campaign crawl that I’ve been putting together.  I attribute this to one of several possible factors. 

Possibility 1: Your moms said that you aren't allowed to play with me. (I consider this somewhat unlikely because your mom probably doesn’t know about all the terrible things I've done.)

Possibility 2: Nobody actually reads blogs or, at least, no one really reads this one. (I consider this a viable possibility.)

Possibility 2.5: ix readers only read the Humanspace posts and/or look at pictures of green alien slave girls and Mongoese women (ditto and supported by hard data)

Possibility 3: “Runequest sucks. I play D&D.” (I hope this isn't it…)

Possibility 4: “DOOM-what? Huh?” (Likely)

Possibility 5: "Skype sucks." (Can't be discounted) 

My fragile ego precludes considering several other possibilities. 

In case the answer is behind Door #4:

DOOMQUEST looks awesome for old school hack and slash beer and bong play especially if you have any liking for old school RQ or Glorantha. Briefly (the rules are only two pages so a review probably shouldn’t be more than a few paragraphs), characters have three stats Sword, Sorcery, and Social. Make up your piecemeal armor and don't forget a helmet because there's hit location, Armor is heavy though and heavily encumbered folks are slow and don't sneak, jump or swim very well, Make up a weapon, size is tied to damage and encumbrance.  

Roll under Sword with d20 to hit in combat. Attacks may be parried but sometimes swords are broken. There are critical and fumbles for parry and attack. You hit? Roll hit location and damage, subtract armor rating for that helmet, and apply remaining damage, you chopped off his head.

DOOMQUEST is all about decapitation and dismemberment, hacked off arms and legs, heads go flying, necks snap, blood splashes everywhere…

Magic system? Roll under Sorcery. Adapt spells from other games. I think this section needs a little house ruling but I like the basic idea a lot. I adapted spells from Runequest II-IV, Simon Phipp’s Dragon Magic rules, and Call of Cthulhu for the pre-gen characters. Fortunately I found spells for re-growing limbs or grafting somebody (thing?) else’s body parts …

Finally, includes rules for morale, experience, saving throws, searching, hirelings, experience and improvement, all in two pages.


  1. "...or grafting somebody (thing?) else’s body parts …..."

    Blargh. I knew I should have posted those Necromancer spells I have rotting in storage. One of them does that.

    Also, my preference would be for something un-skype, if I were to join this. I'll check your other post for how to find the rules, just in case.

  2. I apparently missed your post about play-testing, because I would be all over that! Sign me up.

  3. No time for skype here. Trying to write for multiple projects (some of which I'm struggling with)and having a wife and three kids eats up a heck of a lot of time.
    I've enjoyed reading the Doomquest posts.

  4. I scratch my head sometimes at the strange fickleness of the blog audiences. My own experience has led me to give up on anticipating responses and concentrate more on just placating the internal demons that make me blog.

    I have had a streak of relative non-interest re: Skype games on my blog puzzles me too, so theory 5 may hold some water. (Especially compared to the 20 or so players that expressed interest in the play by post Domain Game.)

    The Humanspace playtest was definitely the exception to the rule for me--and more likely because of the strong interest in the game than my own ability to recruit.

    I think people who are looking for a game like this also tend more to be recruited from the boards than from blogs.

    "DOOMQUEST is all about decapitation and dismemberment, hacked off arms and legs, heads go flying, necks snap, blood splashes everywhere."

    Well that certainly gets my attention. Count me in if you get it rolling.

  5. This is awesome. So glad you are running with the DQ ruleset!

  6. @C'nor: I will consider that a definite maybe and let you know if it looks like a go.

    @Mike D: That's cool. I will be sure to let you know if I can find enough players and work out a time and date.

    @JDJarvis: I'm trying to get my kids to try DOOMQUEST. No luck yet though...too much carnage for their tastes.

    @ckutalik:I think I'll shop this idea around some boards like the NYC Red Box that DQ was spawned in...only need two or three more players. Stay tuned.

    @e7: Thanks...up for the Skype game?

  7. I'd be interested in a Skype game. I was looking at the DQ rules this afternoon and they look quiet playable.

  8. @Schoolmaster. Good. So we are approaching enough players. I still need to finish the crawl. Also waiting to hear back from Newt about the publication deadline. I will get back to you.

  9. Increase my killing power, eh..? I can do another Skype game. And for me it was 2.5 and 4.

  10. Answer #5 because I play RPGs FtF...they're my primary social outlet


    Answer #4.5: I know what it is but haven't gotten that issue of Fight On! yet.

    I did give you a plug as one of my Monday pointers last week though.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. @Schoolmaster: Excellent!

    @Brad: Evil Spock is always welcome.

    @all potential players: I think we have a potential critical mass. Unfortunately, I've had an extremely busy week and am days behind schedule finishing the thing. I need to hear back about the deadline for publication in Hearts in Glorantha also. That will, in part, determine scheduling the playtest. I will keep everyone posted.

    @Herb: Thanks for the plug. Hope you give it a shot with your live group.

  13. I missed the initial post somehow. Though the idea appeals (I've never done any Skyping of any sort), maintaining off-line relationships, blog-writing/commenting, and above all Weird Adventures writing is sucking up most of my time at the moment. No slight intended, by any means. :)

  14. I would actually really love to do it, but we're currently trying to find a new place to live. I have free time, but can't commit to any specific enough time slot to play anything but play-by-post :(

  15. I love what you did with Doomquest so much I'm hesitant to ever share any derivative world-building info of my own. I hope you share where the rules work and don't work for your game. I wish I had the time to join the game myself, but between schoolwork and daddying, this guy is booked solid.

  16. @migellito: Good luck on the home front though. I'm looking into play by post...

    @Scott: Thanks for DOOMQUEST, I've had a lot of fun with it. I've had these Ignorance notes for years not knowing what to do with them...somehow it just seemed right...


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