Sunday, April 10, 2011

Áylgibrá – the Orion Mutuality

Áylgibrá, the Orion Mutuality, is a lesser interstellar polity in the Rimward Beyond inhabited by green skinned mutant humans. Its capital is the planet Ázor that orbits Bellatrix (Gamma Orionis), a large, bright blue-white star.

The Áylgibráns are a very ancient lost Terran colony and speak an archaic dialect of Sunúz. They maintain a Super-Scientific civilization that rivals and, in certain fields, even exceeds the technology of Humanspace. Its citizens enjoy far greater freedoms and civil rights than denizens of the Empire as the Áylgibrán government is comprised of localized semi-anarchic democratic councils known as Jámülaylgibrá. There is essentially no interstellar government in the Mutuality. Its military; however, is largely robotic, very advanced, and often tested by Hlutrgú raiders.

As in Humanspace, citizenship is not extended to the entirety of society. Only male Áylgibráns are considered citizens. As a result of an ancient war between the sexes, female Áylgibráns found on Ázor and the other major worlds within the Mutuality are enslaved.

A secondary mutation that differentiates Áylgibráns from the human norm is that the males are subject to the kwizát hárá, a mating bloodlust that arises once every seven earth-years. Stunning physiological changes accompany the bloodlust; body mass and size may double, strength increases by an even greater factor, bony spikes appear over the Áylgibrán's body, intelligence diminishes and the ability to resist the impulse to kill over a desired mate is nearly impossible to suppress.

The male Áylgibráns have embraced logic, super-science and psychic control to preserve their society. Men able to withstand the bloodlust wear a titanium skull cap and explode veins on the sides of their head as symbols of their power over self.

Females have been exiled to Ámaza, the jungle moon of Ázor, where they live as primitives. Male Áylgibráns journey to the moon to hunt and capture mates that are brought back to their home-worlds and enslaved with drugs and psychic mind control. Although, the males could continue their species through cloning, the taking of a mate is necessitated by the kwizát hárá and it has proven impossible to extend the life of any enslaved female Áylgibrán beyond seven years.

Female Áylgibráns are legendary across known space for their beauty and allure. Their mutant pheromones make them nearly irresistible to human males.

Ázor is a sunny water-world where Átlatl, Ázor City and other magnificent Áylgibrán metropolises tower on a few rocky islands or float in the sky.

Ámaza, the jungle moon of Ázor, is home to the wild, exiled Áylgibrán women and prehistoric alien monsters.

Numirál is a small and mountainous desert world rich in rare metals and crystals.

Pytzcún is an icy world known for its great centers of industry, science, and learning.

Áylita, at the edge of the Mutuality and hostile to it, is the only civilized world where female Áylgibráns rule and males are not found. The continued independence of this world may be attributed to the bravery of its warriors, the super-scientific prowess of Mystá, its ancient queen, and the lack of resolution within the Mutuality.


  1. Oh this race is so stolen! Using this with an upcoming little adventure. I love the orions & these are cool! Thanks,Eric

  2. Here's an idea for an adventure: "Áylita needs MEN!"

  3. Oh, besides the obvious homages, do I detect a hint of Ian Bank's Culture novels?

  4. Cool. I like the little easter eggs.

  5. @Needles: That's awesome. Let us know how it goes. I might stat them up tomorrow. They are basically human but a minimum INT and CHA of 10 (14 for females) might be right. The "hulking creature" form of the blood-lusting males will get monster stats.

    @Schoolmaster: I think there are lots of angles for sex-crazed adventures of one sort or another in the Mutuality. I am a big fan of Banks' sci-fi books so there is probably some Culture in there.

    There is a ton of influence going on from Star Trek (Orions and Vulcans), the Ramian from Jorune, Planet of the Prehistoric Women, the Incredible Hulk (they were no doubt mutated by Gamma Rays from the Sun),etc.

    I also wanted them to be a bit Atlantean.

    @Trey: Thanks...that's high praise from the OSR's Peter Cottontail of weird and obscure easter eggs.


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