Monday, February 14, 2011

Humanspace Re-Alignment

A few astute readers noticed that the alignment of the Wimperer was given as inimical.  I initially had debated whether to retain alignment in Humanspace Empires at all, adopt the Good and Evil alignments of EPT, the Stability and Change alignments of later Tekumel games, the Chaos, Neutral, Law alignments of D&D, or go with something else entirely.

At this point I've pretty much decided on the latter approach and ripped off Gorgonmilk's great alignment scheme as detailed in his post Hidden Planet: Design Notes

Alignment only applies to monsters. It's more of a method for me to characterize their relationship to the PCs in a really general way. The three alignments are Inimical, Neutral and Benevolent. These are not the cosmic properties alignments represent in D&D.

I feel that Inimical and Neutral, at least, fit perfectly with my vision for Humanspace. I'm not completely sure if alignment should be "monster only" or if Benevolent is right for the friendly pole. I suppose in this scheme, alignment could be seen as simply a metric of a monster's disposition to humanity and its allies in Humanspace. As such, if alignments were extended to non-monsters, nearly all humans and members of allied races would be aligned Benevolent (or perhaps Allied).  

Stability and Change are certainly relevant within Humanspace, as contact with the inter-planar entities associated with these cosmic polarities is possible despite the thicker skin of the Humanspace Universe than that of Tekumel's pocket universe.  It is a major (and perhaps very non-canonical) conceit of the design of the Humanspace setting that space travelers spend sufficient time outside the Universe that contact with inter-planar entities and the ability to tap into inter-planar powers is possible. It is also my understanding that the Lords of Stability and Change were not the first or most powerful god-like inter-dimensional entities that reached out to (or for) mankind.  In the time of the Space-faring Ancients, it appears, that those beings that later became known as the Pariah Gods were more accessible from or more interested in the Universe of Humanspace, even if only because of hunger...

As it is possible that PCs in Humanspace might contact and ally with inimical beings or entities of one sort or another, perhaps they should have alignments...

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  1. All of the alignment systems (except maybe Benevolent/Neutral/Inimical) present problems with the Tekumel deities. "Law" and "Chaos" are easy to establish, but then what alignment are the Pariah Gods?


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