Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hahnlun’s Razor

It is written that, in the time of the Theusz Hamtaahk', the Cycle of Hate, the Thujan Lich King Hahnlun did bind a most spiteful and cynical demonic polyp into this small cruel cursed blade of meteoric black iron.  

Hahnlun’s Razor is a unique sapient dagger +3; it is chaotic and hateful. The unknown demonic entity that is forever trapped within it possesses an intelligence of 9, a psyche of 12, and the ability to commune with the blade's wielder. 

The razor is legendary for its hatred of all intelligent life and should it strike an intelligent creature, the victim must save vs. death or fall into a deep narcotic sleep.  Whether by his or her own choice or under the influence of the demonic weapon, the blade bearer may take up the body of the razor's victim and at a time when the stars are properly aligned, the razor will guide the bearer's hand in the performance of a ritual lobotomy upon the sleeper.  Following this surgery, the victim will require 1-4 days to heal and is 50% likely to die from blood loss during this time.  Should the victim survive, he or she will become the absolute slave of the bearer of Hahnlun’s Razor and will retain all powers and abilities from his or her former life  which he or she will tirelessly employ at the will of the blade bearer.

The victim will; however, have an effective intelligence and wisdom of 3; the reduced attribute scores will not alter the enslaved victim's ability to use magic or skills, but will impact decision making, comprehension of commands, and rationality.  Ultimately, the slave will, in most circumstances, function in a manner that causes the bearer of the razor the greatest consternation, difficulty, peril, and regret.

Prepared for submission to and consideration for inclusion in the D100 Table of Blogger Loot at Zalchis


  1. I was ready to suggest this for Zalchis. It's certainly dark enough.

  2. We have included this nasty, nasty item in the D100 Table of Blogger Loot at the Zalchis blog, may all the gods have mercy on whomever discovers this wicked, wicked blade...

    Thank you for the contribution to the cause. Many characters, both player and non, will sleep even less soundly now that this evil thing is at loose within the realms...

  3. Jesus, how did I miss this one?!?!


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