Saturday, February 5, 2011

General Kala and the Floating Orb

Chirene noted that I had neglected General Kala, the Commander of Mongo's military forces.

Also, I only started looking at Flash Gordon stills after Ckutalik mentioned Ming's floating orb droid from the 1980 film. I couldn't find a good image of that orb on the web so I had to capture one...

Ming's Floating Orb 
General Kala 


  1. Funny thing is that I started watching FG again yesterday after your the orb post.

    At Klytus' first appearance all I could think of was...priest of Ksarul.

  2. "Dispatch War Rocket Ajax...!"

    One of my favourite lines from the movie. "Not the Bore Worms!" being another. But that movie has so many good lines, I really shouldn't single those two out.


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