Sunday, February 6, 2011

Encounter Critical Orange Alert!

In celebration of its 100th post, No Signal, the Blogospheric Home of Encounter Critical is running a contest, Hey You! What's in that hex!?, wherein competitors describe one hex on its EC Sandbox map off Exit 42A(!),a wide strip of asphalt built by an ancient unknown society in an isolated valley of the Vanthan Forbidden Waste.

I've already prepared my entry! 

09.09 Bat Ranch Brothel- Faded billboards on the highway advertise this place. An ancient, rotting motel at the end of a pitted concrete lane houses this 13 room bordello of (13) vampire doxies and the madam, a 9th level doxy vampire named Nosferella. 

I've been a fan of EC since I stumbled across a copy at a Kaybee Toys on my way back from a field trip to the Air and Space Museum in 1979 (% Liar:50).


  1. Very Cool. We'll have to look into this contest...thanks for posting the details. It sounds like a blast. Very creative, very cooperative, and completely un-sucky...who knew that RPGs could be fun?!?

  2. I remember seeing a copy of EC at my local game store, the Royal Guardsmen, in Dallas, in 1979. I remember picking it up and looking through it (the art caught my eye), but i think I bought either RuneQuest 1st Edition or Chivalry & Sorcery 1st Edition instead. It looked more interesting than Metamorphosis: Alpha, but by the time I had the cash to pick it up, it had vanished.


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