Thursday, February 17, 2011

Clone Run Over With Land Vehicle

Two of my favorite things about TOP SECRET (TSR 1980):

Very advanced playing.

In some cases it is absolutely inappropriate to determine the  number of injury points caused by clone attack with 2d10. That shadow always creeped me out too.  What is it? A robot? A clone? An alien being?

I always enjoyed rolling on the Methods of Extermination Execution Table though...


  1. Funny, I had a similar reaction reading that section recently. What the hell is that shadow anyway?

    I'd be curious to know if anyone used this section in play. Seems ripe for a psychadelic Brit-influenced 60s campaign.

    My own favorite section is the network rules complete with all the arcane symbols for types of contacts between nodes. That kind of thing is crying out to be lifted in a people-based sandbox kinda affair.

  2. I never played Top Secret, but I imagine those rules were for those who REALLY want to pulp up their spy adventures.

    "Before I kill you Mr. Rond, I will unleash my alien clone army upon the world!"

  3. Now need to go back and read my Top Secret rules. Other than the included urban adventure (which I've pillaged on numerous occasions), I haven't cracked that box in decades.


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