Monday, January 24, 2011

Visitation Upon Aos

THIS IS THE BEGINNING of the ancient recordings of a planet beyond Xoth; a world called Aos or Zaoth, in its 777th cycle, in the years before the explosion of its second sun. Aos was known to host several eldritch metallic brains and an incredible, now lost, library of arcane and alien codices deep beneath its surface.

Three civilized lands were last there amidst the weird and terrible wildernesses and the apocalyptic ruins of the 776th cycle, the Theusz Hamtaahk', the Cycle Of Hate. Beyond the boundaries of these countries were wastes populated only by savages, uncouth men, phages, mad dwarfs, vile monsters, and murderers.

The northernmost land was cold and cruel hyperborean Thuja, a mountain kingdom of half-mad necromancers, arcane citadels, undead armies, bat winged orinthopters, goblin hordes, demons and the priests of unspeakable, beastly gods. To the south was miasmal, chthonic Ix, the black and bloody desert land of the mummified living God Emperor. In the east, beyond the red wastes of the dead god's decaying rusted bones and the places infested by the draconic and interdimensional Archzeuhl and the vicious Demizeuhl stood the decadent city states of the Jadi and the manses of the arch-magicians in the lush but deadly Po River Valley.


  1. It's actually an update on a setting I developed in the early 80's. Hopefully. I will be running it (or straight up Dying Earth) with the EPT 75-LL hybrid system if I can pull it together in the next few months.

  2. Love the Spare references and illo!

  3. I like how the wizard dudes live in northern Italy.

    Seriously, great setting ambiance.

  4. @Greg I really like this particular Spare drawing. I'd not seen it until recently. I believe it is from a new book of lost and rare AOS artworks.

    @ckutalik Ha, perhaps northern Italia was, in the far future or distant past trapped in a pocket universe and spat out on the face of Aos...


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