Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Nlyss

The Nlyss or N'lüss represent a human sub-species rarely encountered within the Empire but present in greater numbers in regions of the Beyond. The Nlyss are typically taller than average humans, averaging about six to seven feet in height, and they tend to have a light, ruddy complexion and coarse dark hair. As a clone race, they tend to vary little in individual appearance. They are devotees of an ancient code of honor and tend to be arrogant and aloof.

In order to comprehend the origin of the Nlyss peoples one must recall the history of the Second Terran Star Empire (26117- 48044 AD), a period when interstellar society was absolutely and dictatorially controlled by the Clone Masters, a ruling class of genetically superior humans. The Clone Masters achieved  true biological immortality through extensive experimentations in Gene Vat technology. Under their ultra-conservative rule, interstellar human society was locked in near stasis, politically, technologically, psychologically, psychically, and even biologically, through continuous manipulation of the human genome on Imperial worlds, culling any form of naturally selected mutation.

The Nlyss were created as an army of super soldiers cloned from a cache of genetic material that had been preserved since the time of the Atomic Armageddon that decimated the Earth in the 21st century. These clone troops were engineered for enhanced intelligence and physical traits and trained from birth to be ruthless killers and the most effective fighting force in the galaxy, the Imperial Sultyat Clone Legions.

In the final years of the Second Terran  Star Empire, a faction of the Nlyss Sultyat rebelled against the Duranium Throne. The coup d’état was ultimately unsuccessful and the rebellious Nlyss were hunted across the stars and when captured, tortured to death. A contingent of the rebel clone troops; however, managed to escape into deep space with a rag-tag fugitive fleet of stolen starships that included one of the Empire’s largest warships. Although, after the fall of the Second Terran Empire and the Long Night that followed, the Nlyss were no longer a hunted people, they remained interstellar nomads, a people with no home world.  

Nlyss society, within the fleet, is organized militarily and the Commander holds all authority. They appear to have little or no interest in ruling star empires; however elements of the fleet are often employed as mercenary units by the rulers of various pocket empires in the Beyond. The Nlyss are also known to trade rare metals and technology to a variety of races within known space. Perhaps due to their existence as an Astronaut culture, the Nlyss are highly mystical. Star questing is a common requirement of Nlyss Astronaut religious orders.

The ancient Nlyss fleet has, in recent years, been operating in the Coreward Beyond at the fringes of Shen space. The current Empire still maintains the elite Imperial Sultyat Clone Legions and Sultyat Nlyss serve as the personal guard of the Veritable Autocrator. 

Nlyss characters must have Strength and Constitution scores of 12 or higher. They are best suited to be Warriors or Astronauts; however they may be Scientists and are not limited in their advancement in any class.


  1. Nlyss are nice, but Shen are more much nicerest...

  2. " Perhaps due to their existence as an Astronaut culture, the Nlyss are highly mystical. Star questing is a common requirement of Nlyss Astronaut religious orders."

    I can imagine that the psychically inclined astronauts might be vaguely perceiving the beings that would be later known as the Tékumelyani deities. For instance: The psionically-inclined among the Nlyss may perceive a "something" involving war, destruction, and flames, but not enough to to recognize it as Lord Vimúlha. There could be an abundance of mystical societies that have some of the trappings and practices of the religions that will come into being after Tékumel in cosigned to its pocket universe.

    Of course, some Astronauts might discover other things dwelling betwixt the planes...

  3. @NetherWerks: The Shen are coming...

    @School Master: I agree; however, the influence of the Pariah Gods may be even greater in Humanspace than that of the Lords of Stability and Change.

    The great secrets of many Astronaut orders may be that these powers are more than just impersonal forces...

  4. I good see the Nluss being a bit klingon like

  5. @Trey: I could also; however, I think the best Trek analogy might be Khan and his followers.

  6. Funny seeing Nestor Mahkno being the showpiece for the Nlyss, haha!


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