Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Mole Men of Mirach IV

The Mole Men of Mirach IV, also known as the Nininyal, are amongst the most ancient interstellar species of Humanspace, having independently developed the Three Light Drive or received it from an unknown race, during the same era that it was invented by the Pé Chói.

The Nininyal home world, known only as Mirach IV, lies approximately 199 light-years from Earth. It is a hot, barren desert world orbiting the red giant star Mirach (Beta Andromedae). Billions of Nininyal dwell in vast subterranean complexes beneath the surface of the planet.  These and the many Nininyal scattered through known space almost invariably wear the traditional dark hooded robes of their ancient culture.

Physically, the Nininyal are small, averaging about 3 feet tall, and rodent-like, with a sharp-featured face, pronounced beak, large ears, and grey or black fur. They are bipedal, having two muscular legs, and two arms at the end of which are claw-like hands with three-fingers and a thumb. The species also has a short vestigial tail. Their sight and hearing are far more sensitive than those of humanity. A Nininyal sees clearly in near total darkness. The species encompasses three sexes: males (55%), females (15%) and hermaphrodites (30%), who dwell in families but produce no offspring. They are communal with a complex and intense society.

The Nininyal are generally friendly to man and his other allies; however, their greed and avarice is legendary and individuals are sometimes cruel and capricious. They are a compulsive scavenger species with insatiable lust for super scientific devices of all types that is only exceeded by their desire to trade. Nininyal merchants are common throughout Humanspace and Beyond.

They are typically peaceful; however if attacked they will fight intelligently and fiercely. The species has avoided engaging in interstellar warfare while remaining autonomous within Humanspace due to their great power in interstellar commerce.

The spoken Nininyal language, has proved impossible for the human tongue due largely to its extremely high speech rate, as such, it is not known what the species names itself, its language, or its home world.

Nininyal characters may progress no higher than 8th level as Warriors. They are not limited in their advancement as Astronauts or Scientists.


  1. Very cool. I like what you're doing here, and love the banner.

  2. Fantastic. I'm sure the resemblance to certain foul-smelling junk dealers from a popular sci-fi franchise is intentional. Love me some Jawas.

  3. Nasty lil' buggers, them Pygmy Folk.

  4. Looking very good! If there's anything we can do to help you in your research, let me know; I still have a spaceship or two in the Aethervox Collections...

  5. @Trey Thanks, I'm a fan of your weird pulp setting too.

    @Risus I'm busted. Jawas are awesome. At least the Nininyal don't stink, the Regulans, on the other hand, are very foul smelling.

    @ckutalik Seriously, and during this era their Trade Collectives are the puppeteers pulling the Empire's strings.

    @Chirine I would appreciate any assistance. Email thedrune at gmaildotcom.

  6. Of course, the citizens of Humanspace have a saying: "To deal with a Nininyal is to part with your credit stick."


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