Monday, January 31, 2011

% Liar:

Whereas the monster stats in D & D typically included the percentage chance that a creature would be encountered in its lair with treasure (% in Lair), the early Arduin grimoires included the % Liar stat, indicating how likely it was for the monster to lie to adventurers. Many monsters were noted as being too stupid to lie, notably, Phraints were always truthful and Thunderbunnies always lied.

As I've been thinking about source books for the Dying Earth and my own Dying Earth influenced setting, AOS...including the % liar stat makes some kind of weird sense...


  1. It's almost as if it started as a joke based on a spelling error. You've got me wanting to draw up a random table of lies.

  2. The liar stat makes a whole lot of sense actually, in the Dying Earth books critters rarely just attacked without word. Words are invariably banded about by deodands and the like with some kind of trickery just as invariably following behind them.

  3. Think of the Alzabo from the New Sun books. That always tries to convince the family or friends of the last person or persons it killed that it's A. The person, or B. Means them no harm because they are the equivalent of the person. Its % Liar would probably be 90% (It will abide by agreements).


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