Thursday, January 20, 2011

Humanspace Empires Chronology

The following represents a partial chronology of major events in the history of Humanspace Empires:

2012-2013 AD “Western Civilization" and the nations of 21st century Terra are obliterated by the Atomic Armageddon.

ca. 8000 AD Earth struggles out of the radioactive ashes and slowly rebuilds a technological civilization

9767 AD -ca. 16800 AD Duration of the One-World Empire on Earth

ca. 12000 AD Generation ships from Earth encounter the Pé Chói in deep space. The Pé Chói gift the peoples of Earth with the Three Light Drive and many other wondrous devices. Humanity introduced to the Páchi Léi from Arcturus, the Heglethyál from Unukulhai, the Tinalíya from Algol, the Ahoggya from Achernar, and other alien species. The Pé Chói warn Terrans of dangerous species including the Mihalli from Dorsum, the Nyagga from Alhena, the Hokun from Markeb, the Hlutrgu from Algenubi.

ca. 12200 Nininyal Traders first visit Earth.

ca. 12200 - 16800 AD Duration of the League of Worlds. Members included the Pé Chói, the Terrans, the Páchi Léi , and the Tinalíya.

ca. 12300 First Regulan War , earliest incursions of Algenubi into Humanspace

ca. 12600 Second Regulan War, establishment of the Neutral Zone between Regulus and Humanspace

ca. 12600 – 16800 AD Lasting Peace

ca. 16800 Third Regulan War, Collapse of the League

ca. 16800- 20000 AD First Interim

ca. 20000- 24000 AD Duration of the First Terran Empire

ca. 21200- 21500 AD Period of continuous interstellar warfare pitting the Terran Empire against the Regulans and the Hlutrgu.

ca. 24000 The Great War, widespread use of atomic planetbuster bombs

ca. 24000 AD- 26117 AD Second Interim

ca. 25500 Rise of the Clonemasters in Humanspace

26117- 48044 AD Duration of the Second Terran Empire, the Clonemaster dynasties.

47987-48044 AD Clonemaster-Cyborg War

48044 – 49002 AD Cyborg Empire

49002- 49440 AD the Lesser [Third] Interim

49401 AD Ansible invented by the Pé Chói

49440 – 54085 AD Duration of the (First) Humanspace Alliance

52940 AD Interfogulator invented

54044 –54085 AD nth Interstellar War ends, collapse of the (First) Humanspace Alliance

54085 - 55929 AD Fourth Interim

55929- ????? Humanspace [Third Terran] Empire

61167 AD First year, Dynasty of the Veritable Autocrator

ca. 61,800 AD First contact with the Shen of Antares, Shen-Transporter War

ca. 62,000 AD First contact with the Chima, the Urunen from Betelgeuse and the Hlaka from Ensis. Tekumel (Sinistra/ Nu Ophiuchi) is discovered by explorers from Humanspace amongst the trade routes of several stellar cultures including the Shen and pocket Empires in the Beyond.  

62,011 AD The present (Humanspace Empires RPG)

62,000-62,110 AD The armies and fleets of the Humanspace Empire combat the indigenous Ssu and Hluss civilizations in the Sinistra system. Following the victory of Humanspace forces, Tekumel is terraformed. War and terraforming result in the extermination of 98% of the planet’s native life . Surviving Ssu, Hluss, and related sentient species relocated onto closely guarded reservations

62,111-ca. 111, 912 AD Tekumel is the jewel of Humanspace, a pleasure planet and trading center

ca. 111, 912 AD Tékumel thrown into pocket dimension, the Time of Darkness. The same fate befalls 722 other worlds in Humanspace


  1. This is very cool indeed.

    I've wanted to adapt Humanspace for Classic Traveller for a long, long time but have always been put off by the lack of any real data other than the list of aliens and a chronology with 50-millennia gaps in it.

    Great to hear someone is similarly inspired.

  2. I love the lack of data and extreme far future chronology. t;s like a huge space opera sandbox,

    I played lots of Traveller in the late 70s and early 80s. I really like Traveller but at some point I decided that it didn't really work for the kind of science fantasy game that I want to play now.

    I don't want slug throwers, furry aliens (unless they have beaks or wings), weak psionics, too much Heinlein influence, 1960 hard sci-fi, etc.

    I think Traveller would have to be molecularly disassembled and rebuilt by nanobots in order for it to support space dungeon crawl or sword and raygun.

  3. I agree pure CT with its 1970s assumptions is not what I'd use - but then I've never found another RPG that does old school pulp space opera properly so whatever you use would need to be disassembled and rebuilt anyway...

  4. @Leviathan Disassembling and rebuilding, I suppose so. I think EPT 75/OE D & D might require somewhat less restructuring for Tekumel in Space than Traveller...certainly if one were to leave out rules for starships (not that I'm intending to do that, although EPT referred the players to Trireme for ship combat and Star frontiers originally omitted such rules).

    I guess, I have developed an odd antipathy toward Traveller, not that I've found another good pulp sci-fi game either...


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