Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Hlutrgú

The Hlutrgú, the Frog-Men of Algenubi, are a vicious and powerful star-faring species and one of mankind’s most inimical foes in the cosmos. Little is known of the history and culture of this ruthless and cruel race; few Terrans have returned from a visit to the deadly worlds of the Hlutrgú.

Physically, they are small bipedal amphibian creatures averaging between about 4 and 5 feet in height with a rotund body, four limbs each equipped with a usable hand with six fingers, a skull-like head, and a wide mouth filled with sharp fangs. They have thick, rubbery skin mottled greenish, greyish or black and are completely hairless. The species includes three sexes: males (95 percent), female spawners (4 percent), and asexual leaders (about 1 percent).  It has been theorized that the worlds of the Hlutrgú are incredibly overpopulated and that this has resulted in their extreme aggression and psychotic behavior.   There are also indications that members of the leader caste are afflicted with a condition equivalent to extreme megalomania and a compulsion to conquer the galaxy.

The Hlutrgú have possessed starships for at least 60000 years, having been an enemy of the Pé Chói prior to humanity’s emergence into interstellar society. It is not known if this species developed super scientific technology independently or through contacts with other species.  Some galactic historians contend that the Hlutrgú were enslaved by the Hokun or the Regulans while still a primitive species on their hot and swampy home world in the Algenubi system.  It is known that the Hlutrgú are hostile toward all other star-faring races and have, during the many space wars fought between the empires of Humanspace and the Regulans, exploited the chaos in order to raid these more powerful neighbors.  

They appear to have no interest in interstellar trade.  Further, their attacks on human shipping and colonies seem to be motivated more by hatred and homicidal mania than by a desire to pillage.  They fight with vicious fanaticism in battle and are known to mutilate and torture their victims.  Sometimes they take prisoners; however it is not known if such unfortunates are enslaved or used for other perhaps even more horrible purposes.

Although the location of the Hlutrgú worlds beyond Regulus and their relatively great distance from Humanspace (Algenubi is located over 250 light-years from Earth), somewhat mitigate the threat of this mad race to human worlds within the Empire, Hlutrgú raids in the Beyond and along the periphery of Humanspace are not uncommon.

Hlutrgú are not generally appropriate for player characters.  Hlutrgú NPCs will have Strength and Dexterity scores of 8 or higher (2d6 +6) and are limited to a Psychic Ability score no greater than 8 (1d6 +2). They may function as Warriors, Astronauts, or Scientists; however their inherently low psychic potential limits their ability to utilize mind powers. They are typically outfitted with super-scientific weapons and equipment similar to those available to Humanspace characters.


  1. Ooo, I love frog-men! Great stuff.

  2. They would work well for Eureka's frog men.

  3. Nice post, icky stinky Hlutrgu not only taste bad, they not nice to Shens. They bad tippers, too.

  4. @Risus: Frog men have always been one of my favorites, certainly when evil...

    @ArmChairGeneral: Eureka has sci-fi frog men? I will have to look into that.

    @NetherWerks: Bad tippers? ha! That must be at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe, down the street from the College at the End of Time.


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