Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Black Ship

There was never a good reason to hope for success in our search. It was like looking for a needle in a nebula. The Nininyal treasure ship with the unpronounceable name, one of the largest starships ever built, the one called the Black Ship, was lost in the Beyond near Deneb over four thousand years ago. We had followed its route as far as it had been charted on the holo-disk we found on the dead body of the Regulan spy back on Altair IV.

We were well into the second year of the voyage. There it lay, derelict, in a tear in space, a little too close to a blazing white dwarf star.

Those big Nininyal trade ships are like giant insane mazes inside, probably designed to mimic their burrows on Mirach. No one believes what happened to us on the Black Ship. I was the only survivor, You can't imagine what kind of horrible things were on that ship. I'm completely mad now, I've seen the Machine God…


  1. YES! Now that was frikkin' cool--keep up the amazing good work!

  2. Fantastic set up for a dungeon crawl in space!

  3. Reminds me in part of the story "Hinterlands" from Burning Chrome by William Gibson. Exploring that which people don't understand, but hope to earn a life from. "Schone Maschine."


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